Wedding Bureau

Marriage is and always will be the most important journey of discovery that a man can make”

Søren Kierkegaard

Wedding Bureau aims to provide its customers with consulting services, training and integrated communication, exclusively focusing on the wedding market.

Wedding Bureau addresses to business professionals, to activities during the start-up and rebranding phase, but also to public administrations, chamber of commerce and associations.

What we do



We will support you with a 360° consulting activity for the development of all details concerning the wedding market and its business.



We serve local authorities and municipalities for the identification and development of special projects related to the wedding business, as an area of relevant investment for creating a new type of sustainable and eco-friendly tourism.



We will work with you from concept to realisation, taking care of every detail in a creative and personalised way, assisting with all aspects of the event.

#wedding marketing

Recent analysis of the wedding market in Italy have shown that the years 2021-2024 will be remembered as the ‘yes years’. In response to the pandemic crisis, many couples will choose to open a new phase of their lives by getting married.

This means a turnover that will involve about 60,000 wedding industry operators, organising and supplying products and services, generating more than 400,000 arrivals in our country, as a favorite destination for foreigners as a wedding destination.